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the kaleidr imagined day has ended.

read carefully: please look at the list above, it shows which of the haute:kaleidr works from parts k01 to k07 have not been used to make collaborative art. works already used have been crossed out.

those holding a work that is unmarked are still entitled to one memory artwork.

the artwork you receive will be a post-kaleidr piece, honouring the previous story while acting as fading memory. much the same as the kaleidr collaborative acts, these will be connected works, all different, each handmade, with certain elements that bind them.


Please contact dun on Twitter here or through the contact page here if you would like further information or if you would like to use your k01 to k07 piece to redeem your post-kaleidr work.

Please be aware that works offered can only be redeemed once and will only be sent to the wallet that holds the corresponding k01 to k07 artwork

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